Monday, 17 August 2009

Making money out of the Franklin Expedition

Just thought I should let you all know that I am no longer a disinterested researcher into the Franklin Expedition. I'm now making money from the global interest in the Franklin Expedition. A couple of months ago I decided to 'monetise' my account by allowing google to place appropriate advertisements on my blog. I've just checked through my account and in the last two months I have been paid £0.0137 for this.

Does that make me, academically speaking, no longer an archaeologist but merely a Treasure Hunter?

Incidentally 1.37 pence in today's money is equivalent to slightly more than theepence in the pre-decimalisation currency which the Franklin Expedition would have known. Still not a huge amount of money even in 1845.


  1. You've sold out!


    I've wondered about ads and whether it was worth it. Now I know.

  2. Ted, you know you have to. Eventually avarice gets the better of all of us.

    I'm thinking of changing the reporting currency of mine to yen so it looks even bigger. On the other hand, looking at the Pound Sterling, perhaps I just have to wait a little...

  3. I've been at this for nearly a year, with Google ads both on my knol and my blogs, and have accumulated the princely sum of $12.74. Google, however, does not pay out any money until the account balance reaches $100!